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We want to help you make the best decisions when you are facing a health issue

Whenever possible, make your primary care provider your first choice, especially when you need treatment for chronic conditions or preventive care such as immunizations and check-ups. Don’t forget about taking advantage of MyLGHealth, the convenient and secure way to manage your health 24/7 using your computer or smartphone.

If your primary care provider is unavailable, such as nights, weekends or holidays, and you need medical attention for a non-life- threatening problem, LG Health Express and Urgent Care are smart alternatives. No appointment is needed and most insurances are accepted.

Primary Care Provider
Lancaster General Health Physicians offers a comprehensive network of primary care physicians. To find an LG Health provider, call 1-888-LGH-INFO (544-4636) or visit our website,

Walk-in Care at LG Health Express
LG Health Express offers convenient walk-in care at the GIANT Food Store located in the Lancaster Shopping Center.

At LG Health Express, you’ll find a certified registered nurse practicioner who can treat a wide range of common conditions in addition to providing physicals and immunizations. Our experienced nurse practitioners work in cooperation with the doctors of Crooked Oak Family Medicine, an LG Health Physicians practice.

LG Health Urgent Care
LG Health Urgent Care gives you timely access to board certified LG Health providers who can treat minor injuries and illnesses that are not life-threatening, including simple fractures and sports injuries. Convenient on-site X-ray and lab services are available for patients if additional tests are needed.

Emergency Room
Go to the ER for life-threatening injuries or serious illnesses. If you’re experiencing symptoms such as chest pain, slurred speech, dizziness or confusion, which could be signs of a heart attack, stroke or major injury, go to the ER. Lancaster General Hospital is the only accredited Level II Trauma Center in Lancaster County.

Call your Primary Care Provider 24/7, 7 days a week.
Still not sure where to go?

Use this guide to determine which facility is best for you depending on your needs.

Color Key
  LGHP Primary Care Provider (PCP)
  Urgent Care
  Emergency Room (ER)
  PCP Express Urgent Care ER
Physician X   X X
Physician Assistant X   X X
Certified Registered Nurse Practitioner X X X X
Ages Treated
All Ages X   X X
18 months and older   X    
Conditions Treated
Cold, flu, sinus infection, allergies X X X  
Difficulty breathing or shortness of breath       X
Diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, urinary tract infection X X X  
Severe abdominal pain, with or without vomiting       X
Minor cuts, scrapes bruises, insect bites, poison ivy, lice X X X  
Minor lacerations X   X  
Minor rashes X   X  
Minor puncture wounds     X  
Minor burns     X  
Severe puncture wounds or burns       X
Pink Eye X X X  
Eye Infection X   X  
Blurry Vision       X
Flu Shots X X    
Immunizations such as Hepatitis B, MMR, tetanus, varicella X X    
Screenings such as blood pressure checks, diabetes, pregnancy, TB skin test, flu test, strep test, urinalysis X X    
Cholesterol X X    
STD Testing X X X  
Camp, school or driver's permit physicals X X    
Sports Physicals X X X  
Sprains or strains, sports or on-the-job injuries X   X  
Minor sprains or strains X X X  
Minor broken bones or fractures, sprains or strains, sports or on-the-job injuries     X  
Major broken bones protruding from skin       X
Back pain X   X  
Spinal Injuries       X
Headache, migraine X   X  
Head injury, especially with loss of consciousness       X
Symptoms of stroke, weakness or numbness on one side of body, sudden confusion, trouble speaking or blurry vision       X


No appointment needed at Lancaster General Health Urgent Care.

We are open 7 days a week
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